A downloadable Galatic Battle for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Run Down - You're the leader of a resistance group that is the last hope against an empire that want's to destroy your planet and everyone in it. Your job is simple. Take down all opposition. Leave no room for error.

The Technical Stuff - Lunar Requiem is a throwback to games like Galaga and Asteroids. It's a 2D Space shooter built in the vein of those classic games. It is still in development and what you are playing is the demo for the final game. You can expect a final release this summer.

Install instructions

To Play the demo just

1. Extract the .rar file to your desktop

2, Open the folder

3. Click on the Lunar Requiem.exe file

(Please Note if playing on Linux/MacOS you will need mono)

Make sure and Install OpenAL if not already installed



Lunar Requiem Demo.rar 25 MB


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Yo dude! Good luck with your game dev! Can not wate to see what you make!

Glad You are looking forward to it. Good to hear. There is stiil alot of work to be done but I think the final product will be very awesome :P